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Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

What do you do once you wake up? Do you have a morning routine? Having a routine or ritual is important in your life. When you have a ritual, you can set your mood. Set mindset and focus for the day.

Let me share with you my routine and ritual.

Once I wake up, I fix my bed and drink a glass or two of water. After that, I do my daily stretching exercises. Stretching is important to me. I feel awful if I skip my stretching routine. And then I meditate for five to ten minutes. My dogs often disturb me when I meditate, but I don’t get mad at them. I see this as a challenge because one goal of meditation is to live in the present and focus. I just enjoy those moments. Once I finish meditating, I brew my tea or make my ceremonial matcha and read a book (or ebook).

This is my morning routine and ritual for the past 4 years now. And it has become a habit of mine. This allows me to set a mindset for the day. When I skip a day of doing this, I feel awful and lazy.

Mindset and focus. These are two reasons you should have a morning routine. These two will make an impact on your life. A productive day starts with a morning routine and ritual.


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