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Why You Hate Mondays

Have you ever asked yourself why do you hate Mondays? Or ask other people what day they hate the most and I’m sure they will answer Monday without hesitation. Try looking at social media and you’ll see “It’s Monday again” memes.

What are the reasons you hate Mondays? 

The answer to your question is simple, but facing these answers is hard.

  • You don’t love what you’re doing.

  • You hate your environment and you don’t want to admit it

  • You don’t trust the process.

  • You are not prepared for the tasks ahead

  • You fear change. 

  • You enjoy too much pleasure and forget that life is hard. Nothing’s easy.

Can you imagine how much time you’ve wasted if you only loved the weekends and hated weekdays? I do not need to write the math here, but you wasted a lot of time. 

Keep in mind: Hating on Mondays and living for the weekends isn’t the key to a happy and successful life. Monday is a reminder for all of us that each day counts. Mondays provide a new start. You have new challenges and opportunities right in front of you. 

Remember that there are people who are dealt with a bad hand. They are suffering in the worst situations than you do.

You must love every day of the week because your time is limited. Time keeps moving forward and you can’t go back to the past. Loving each day of the week, especially Monday, is a key to a happy life.


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