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What Does It Mean To Be Free?


Is it just an illusion? Can you and I be truly free?

Each one of us are chained to our thoughts and desires.

In our society, we are chained to the system.

All of us are born free but die as a slave.

I believe that there’s no clear answer for what it means to be free.

To achieve freedom, means becoming something more than being human.

So should we aim to be a God?

Should we chase for more power? More power leads to control. More control leads to affecting the free will of the others

I believe that true freedom lies beyond the physical realm.

If the answer is found in death then so be it.

Freedom in the physical realm exists. However, it has its boundaries.

Freedom for those who are alive means:

  • Free from the rules of the society

  • Living with no fear.

  • Living with positivity.

  • Living with happiness.

  • Enjoying the experience of life.

  • Waking up everyday doing what you want.

These are my definitions of freedom. How about you? What does freedom mean to you?


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