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Time and Money

You have time but you have no money. You have money but you don’t have time.

As I turn 26 today, this is one of the lessons I learned last year. The aspect of time and money. While others are blessed to have both like athletes and talented people, the ordinary man can’t have them both. I realized this once I entered the workforce. By this time, I thought I already figured everything out. I was wrong and naive.

If you want to monetize your creativity, you need to find a less stressful job so that you have time for your creative work. Monetizing creativity is a difficult task. It’s a situation of high risk and high reward.

If you want to be wealthy, you need to focus and build a career but you don’t have much time for yourself. We’ve seen this story all the time. People who earn higher income are more likely to be depressed.

This is where we need to pick our sacrifice. We must learn to work to live, not live to work. I understand that this may not apply to everyone but we still need to pick our sacrifice and grow up.

What about you? What is your choice?


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