• James Evangelista

Thoughts on Self-Reflection

Take a breath


Do nothing

Be still

Drink a cup of tea

Become the observer


This is what I’m doing right now. I am having a moment of self-reflection.

Examining my life is a little bit hard for me. I’m replaying the moments I have in my mind. And asking myself if I made the right decisions at each moment. I’m becoming an observer.

Last few days, I realized I made some mistakes. I allowed my emotional self to get the best of me. This choice led to mistakes and affected my life.

I can feel the benefits of self-reflection. I learned more about myself. It changed my perspective. I forgot what it’s like to live a mindful life or to live a life with a Zen mindset.

As we get older, we should take a pause in our lives. It’s okay to take a break, relax, evaluate your life and do nothing. There’s no need to rush everything in life.

How about you? When’s the last time you examined your life?


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