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The Year of Less and Mental Health

2020 is the year of having less and mental health

Less materialism

Less impulsive buying and more appreciation of what you have

Less toxic people

Fewer desires and attachments because more desires lead to greater suffering. All of us suffer. It’s what makes our life complete. However, can you handle your own suffering?

Understand that having less is more and having more is less.

For mental health, I feel like we should make our mental health a priority, especially nowadays. We live in a society wherein most of us “dopamine crack addicts” because our technology. It’s not our fault we got to this point.

In this age, we are feeling the negative effects of technology. Technology is good, but too much technology can damage us.

We all need a break from technology. Most of us feel this but don’t want to admit it. We think taking care of our mental health is a sign of softness and weakness. However, that’s not true. For the first time in human history, our phones update us 24/7 and this leads to an overload of information. Our minds are like hard drives of a computer. Once it’s full, it won’t function well.

Take a break from the technology by doing simple activities such as spending time with mother nature (you can Instagram this but it’s better if you spend less time with your phone during this time), pick a book (not an ebook or audio book but a real book!), exercise, spend more time with your family, and meditate.

Meditation is the perfect exercise for our mental health. Most of us attach ourselves from our thoughts. Once you meditate, it will give you the awareness to separate yourself from your thoughts. You will become an observer.

Another year presents more opportunities and challenges. Remember: what stands in the way becomes the way. I hope you have a great 2020!


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