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The Will To Act Is Everything

Each one of us wants to accomplish something, but do we have the will to act?

Each one of us train ourselves or prepare for something whether it’s competing in sporting events, improving our crafts, etc. but when the moment we are preparing for comes do we have the will to act?

Sometimes in these moments our body freezes because of fear.

Sometimes our minds are racing with filled delusion and noise that distracts us from doing what is necessary.

“Training is nothing! Will is everything!” “The will to act!”- Ra’s Al Ghul

Using a quote from a fictional movie to inspire us may sound preposterous but look around you. People are stuck in their routines and they only live a life they know about. This may sound harsh, but there are those who became stagnant in life.

I have to admit that sometimes I got stagnant too and don’t have the will to act. We must learn to implement what we have learned throughout our lives.

So what about fear? If there is the will to act, then there is the fear to act. Well, we must never give in to fear. Fear is part of us. It’s what makes us human. If we allow fear to consume us then it over. Embrace your fears.

The difference between a successful person and an ordinary person is the successful person didn’t allow to get consumed by fear.

For us to reach our true potential, keep in mind that the will to act is everything.


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