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The Rise of Creative Opportunities

Before the pandemic, we’ve seen people monetizing their creativity with social media. They showcase their skills via videos, websites, and photography. Now that we’re in a pandemic, most of us have lost our jobs and question our life choices. Some of us now know that companies we worked for don't really care about us. Some of us are just expendable. Everything changes when money is involved.

The journey to monetize creativity is difficult. It takes a long time before your content gets attention. However, you must keep going. Keep creating content. Consider this your life work. It feels good when you work on something you enjoy. The reward of getting paid by showcasing your creativity is exceptional. It will be a learning experience. You learn a skill and learn more about yourself while doing so.

This pandemic made me realize we can’t just rely on our jobs all the time. It’s why I pursued creative opportunities. The perfect time to start is now.

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