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The Price of Freedom

What is the cost of freedom?

Are you willing to pay the price?

Are you ready to sacrifice the things you desire?

Are you okay with being labeled as an outcast, traitor, or enemy?

The price of freedom always has its cost. It’s a price we should be willing to pay. As the global elites continue to gain more power and control us, we are going to lose our freedom. Our freedom of speech is in danger.

People will cancel or censor the stuff they don’t want to hear or the things that don’t fit in their agenda. There are whistle blowers out there who sacrificed their lives and freedom for the sake letting the public know the truth.

As an ordinary citizen what will we do?

How can we achieve freedom in a caged society?

Learn to question things. Self-educate yourself. Don’t rely on a single source. Do what you love. Understand that each one of us are born with free will. Use it.

What you do today will affect the next generation.

The price of freedom is our lives.

It’s a price we should be willing to pay.


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