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The Great Relearning Starts Now

The pandemic changed our life, especially our work. Hybrid work or remote work is now an option. It’s nice to see that the perspective about work is changing.

For me, I believe we should definitely adapt or innovate how we do our work. Unfortunately, with this massive shift in the workforce, there will be jobless people.

Not everyone has the skills and capability. And not all employers can make the shift.

This is the reality of change.

The next five years will be difficult. According to the World Economic Forum, this shift might displace around 85 million jobs worldwide for the next five years (until 2025). While 97 million new roles may emerge. This is the time to learn something new or improve your skills.

It is the era of the Great Relearning. All jobs are in danger now because of automation. Use this time to learn something new and improve your skills. The world will not wait for you. It’s like a river. It continues to flow. So, you must flow with it and accept the changes it makes.


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