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The True Meaning of Work-Life Balance

“How’s your work-life balance?” “Is it poor?” “How do you find balance with your work?” These are some questions everybody wants to ask themselves and to their co-workers. Sometimes we don’t even know the true answer to these questions. Why? Because most of us are confused with the true meaning of work-life balance.

For me, the true meaning of work-life balance is doing work that you love while earning money to provide your daily needs. It is doing work that aligns with your true purpose. This is the true meaning for me because while you are working you are using your precious energy and the most important asset of all: time.

Everyday you go to work, you are using your time. Everyday time keeps moving forward not backwards. Your time is valuable. With your job, you earn a monthly salary and benefits but you can’t get back the time you spent. Every second you get older and closer to your death. No matter how much you are paid, if you hate every second of your job you’ll never find the true state of work-life balance.

I know how tough it is to make a living and I know you are not the only one who is stuck at an awful job or workplace. But sooner or later, you got to change for the better. You can never be happy if you don’t like your environment and your job. Your surroundings will always affect your mood and well-being.

What about stress? Stress in jobs are common but if you love what you’re doing you will enjoy the process. Sometimes people are stressed because they don’t like their jobs. Ask someone you know who hates their job and ask them about stress. Also ask someone you know who loves their job. Compare their answers, and I guarantee you that the person who loves their job will tell you that they enjoy the process of the difficulties of their job.

To find the true meaning of work-life balance you must find work that aligns with your purpose. We human beings excel when we do tasks that aligns with our purpose because each one of us has a purpose in life. Once you find your purpose, you know what you need to do. This will help you wisely use your time.

Let me state here that it is impossible to find work-life balance in a “9-5 job” that you hate. No matter how much money you earn, it won’t give you happiness and fulfillment. It is true that money gives us happiness and fulfillment but these feelings are only temporary.

Infinite happiness and fulfillment involves loving each and every moment of our lives. If you hate your job then it is impossible.

When you love your work, it’s not considered “work” anymore. Your “work” will be your “life”.

As I end this blog post remember this. Your work involves time. Your life involves time. Everything that you do involves time. Work-life balance means doing tasks that aligns with your purpose.


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