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Starting At The Bottom Will Make You Better

Everybody starts at the bottom.

In our careers dominated by hierarchies, we must start at the bottom. As we get older and gain more experience, we climb each step one at a time. Not all of us are lucky to work in jobs that pay well and give us the experience we needed for career advancement. Some of us work in retail or small businesses, and that’s okay.

People often look down on those who work in malls, cafes, restaurants, stores, etc. They think it’s just easy “work.” What they don’t understand is that working in these situations requires a lot of sacrifice, time management, and confidence. If you’re one of those who has this type of job, don’t get discouraged.

Working in retail made me understand that situation. It changed my perspective, and I gained a lot of knowledge from it. It made me learn how to deal or talk with different people. That “small” job I had expanded my social circle. It was a confidence booster.

Learning a skill requires us to learn the fundamentals first before we advance. When playing a sport, we must first know the rules and the basics of the game.

Everybody starts at the bottom. This is where you start your climb. Nobody starts at the top right away. If they do, they quickly fall from their position.

Whatever it is we do in life, starting at the bottom will make you better.


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