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Standing at The Foot of a Mountain

The saying “standing at the foot of a mountain” sums up our life. As we get older, we face more challenges. We climb the mountain slowly. It is a slow, dangerous climb. At any second we can trip and fall down. But we have to get back up to reach the summit.

There are those who like challenges. They understand that life itself is about facing your fears and exploring the unknown. They climb multiple mountains.

Then, there are those who just stare at the mountain. Afraid to make the climb. They feel the fear of failure. Then they live a complacent life.

Every time we want to do something, let’s say putting your money in investments, starting your own business and pursuing your childhood dreams. There will always be risks. It all depends on the risk you are willing to take. Are you prepared to lose? Are you prepared for the challenges?

When you’re standing at the foot of a mountain, you must plan your route. Don’t act carelessly. Let go of doubts. Keep moving forward and enjoy the climb. You’ll be a different person once you reach the summit. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.


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