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Sometimes The Best Way Forward Is To Have More Responsibility

A lot of us enter the “lost” phase in our lives. It is part of growing up and becoming an adult.

We enter this phase because of problems, life decisions, and delusion. As a child, our parents and society teach us we are special, overprotected from the unknown, afraid of failure, and have no responsibility. As a child a life like this feels good. Remember those times when your life was full of happiness and joy? Those were fun times. Some schools and universities meanwhile rob our future self pretending we have an identity,

However, as we get older, life will change. At some point in our lives, we have to grow the hell up. Not growing up will turn us into an old infant or a man child.

Most of us get stuck in that situation and waste our brief life. While there are those who “figured it out.” How did they do it? How did they move forward? Responsibility.

Having responsibility will help us move forward. Learning to be more responsible for our actions in life will make us grow up. Instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game (which adults do these days) responsibility will widen your perspective.

In our lives, we must learn to be independent. We can’t always depend on other people.

Responsibility is a reason people these days love playing video games. Video games give them a clear goal, mission, purpose and heroic fantasies that they can’t experience in life. I love playing video games and playing it gives me a sense of responsibility.

Having more responsibility is difficult, especially during these times. We are currently in a pandemic which will probably end in the next few years. This is an uncertain time in our lives.

You can however have more responsibility by starting in your place. Simple tasks will help you build yourself and aim for something great. Tasks like fixing your bed every morning, cleaning your room and doing chores voluntarily. These are tasks that will give you more responsibility.

Time keeps moving and we should too. We need to grow up before it’s too late. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to have more responsibility.


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