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Simple Steps on How to Be Productive

Becoming productive is quite difficult, especially when you’re tired or stressed from work. I always tell my readers that it’s okay to rest and take a break from everything. We are not robots anyway. At some point, we will get tired from what we’re doing. I’m writing this piece because it’s been a while since I had a long vacation because of the Holy Week this year.

Despite having a vacation, I wanted to be productive before I go back to work. Productivity for me means accomplishing the things you need even though it’s a minor task. Accomplishing little things can still help you get to your major goal.

I hope that this list can help you boost your productivity.

Set A Schedule

This is the important part if you want to be more productive. You need to have a plan by setting up a schedule. This will help you visualize the day you want. By setting up a schedule, you have clear goals of what you need to do. This will improve your productivity by at least 1% each day. Imagine the growth you gain by improving 1% a day. In 1 month that’s 30%!

Avoid Multi-tasking or Switch Tasking

When you’re doing something, please avoid multitasking. This won’t allow you to finish your task right away. Also, you’ll not get the best result. I hate the term multitasking. We human beings are not capable of multitasking alone. What we often do is switch tasking. We transfer our focus from one task to another. Multitasking is doing two or more different tasks at the same time. See the difference? This will only make you procrastinate. So please do one task at a time.

Start your day right

Having a productive day starts when you wake up. Simply fixing your bed and starting your morning routine can help you set a productive mindset throughout the day.

These are some simple steps on how to be more productive. What would you like to add? Let me know in the comments!


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