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Simple Tips To Read More Books

Let’s be honest here, we always want to read more books. Our TBR (To Be Read) stack of books keeps piling up and then we struggle to find time to read the books we want. Reading is an essential skill we need to succeed in life.

So how can we read more books?

First, we should understand that reading becomes a habit. To improve this habit, we must read books we are curious about. By feeding our curiosity, we can focus on reading and push away distractions. However, in this noisy world we live in, we can’t avoid these distractions all the time.

To avoid these distractions we must:

Read every morning

Reading to start our day will lift our spirits and boost our productivity. This is a great exercise for our brain. Starting your day with single-minded focus and active reading is an awesome way to improve productivity. Read a chapter every morning. If the book is thick and has long chapters, read for around 20-30 mins.

Place your phone far away from your reading place or turn off notifications

Frequent checking on our smartphones can reduce our reading habits. To read more books, it is important that we put our mobile devices far away from our reach. If you are reading on the road, it is better to shut down the notifications and avoid connecting to the internet.

Get yourself a Kindle or other E-readers

At first, I thought e-readers are a gimmick. I didn’t know that reading on an e-reader is actually better than reading on a tablet or mobile phone until I got one myself. Reading with an E-reader or Kindle is better than reading on a tablet because there are fewer distractions and the e-ink screen never causes eye-strain.

The function of an e-reader is to help you read on the go and it doesn’t have social media and other apps that lets you lose focus. There are e-readers out there that are budget friendly and it’s worth paying for.

These are some tips on how to read more books. Do you have other tips? Let me know in the comment section.


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