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Roots Second Edition

Hi everyone, I’m thrilled to announce the new edition of my first book Roots: Success and Greatness Starts Within You. This book is always special to me because I did everything I can in my control to make this book better and publish it. Sales were okay in terms of my position and authority.

If you’ve read the first edition, I know that you noticed some mistakes and overall the book could be better. I’ll be honest with you, I rushed the first book because I was trying to prove something for myself and to other people. Don’t worry, in this second edition I fixed everything I can, and I added something in the book you’ll definitely love. 

So what about the price?

Are there changes?

No. The price of the book stays the same. $11.99 for paperback and $3.99 for ebook. 

You can get the ebook here: Books2Read (it has multiple links you can go through for ebooks like Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, etc.) For Paperback:  Amazon Book Depository (This is my favorite site to buy a book. They offer free shipping and free bookmarks!) Barnes and Noble These are just some stores where most people buy their copies. You can also visit your preferred bookstore/website to get your copy. Thank you for your support! Sincerely, James Evangelista


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