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Patience: A Lesson To Learn From Nature

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

Nowadays when we want something in life, we want it right away. We have instant services at our disposal. All it takes is just opening an app on your phone and start clicking on the things you want. The internet made our life easier. We have more accessibility than ever before.

However, for every wonderful benefit that we get from technology, there is a downside. Our patience gets shorter and shorter. We can’t have everything that we want right now.

Accomplishing our dreams and goals in life needs time and effort. Improving our craft requires a lot of patience. An artist can’t be an exceptional artist in a single day. An athlete can’t be elite by practicing once or twice a week. Even talented people didn’t achieve their full potential without putting in the work every day. Great relationships can’t be developed in a day. It always takes time.

Everything in life takes time. Patience is a virtue. Rushing things in life just for the sake of our satisfaction won’t do any good.

To improve our patience, let’s reconnect ourselves to nature.

When planting a tree it will take years for it to grow. When growing vegetables or fruits, it will take months before we can harvest it. What’s worse is sometimes there are other factors that can destroy the growth and kill the plant itself. There are factors such as pests, insects, typhoons, and winter. However, no matter how strong the adversity that these plants or trees have faced, it will still find a way to grow.

As long as its roots are intact. Life will always be present as long as the energy is present.

We human beings are part of nature and we forget that. Just like these trees, we will face adversities in life when we want to accomplish our goals. There will be obstacles that will block our path. With patience, we can resist immediate gratification that can affect us towards our goal.

Patience will allow us to act rationally instead of doing a knee-jerk reaction. Improve our patience by spending more time in nature. Patience is a lesson learned from nature.

“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?” - Lao Tzu


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