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Never Stop Educating Yourself

Let me share a story with you. There are two men who just graduated college. They are just the same age now in their mid 20’s, both came from a middle class family.

Man number one was smart, nailed the awards, recognition, he’s the typical college smart guy. While man number two didn't get any awards or recognition, he just passed his classes with above average grades. The difference between them is man number one, though thought that his credentials were enough in the fast-paced world. He stopped learning because he thought his knowledge and skills were enough. Man number two was different. He has a different perspective. He understands how the world works. He continued to study even though he finished college. He self studied certain topics that fueled his curiosity.

Fast forward to 2021, both of them got severely affected by the pandemic. His workplace notified man number one that they are laying off workers and he’s one of them. He doesn’t know what to do anymore. With no place to work, he decided to job-hunt, but it takes a lot of time to find a new job. He needs to find one asap. He didn’t believe in working side hustles or continuing to educate himself. He wasn’t prepared for this change.

Meanwhile, man number two continued his self study. He learned about new things; he prepared himself for the worse and for the future. He just worked in a small place to earn enough money to sustain his needs and wants. If he’s bored at work, he reads and educates himself when no one’s watching. Day by day, he built himself, became better, and prepared for the opportunity. Like man number one, his company will shut down because of the pandemic. When he knew about this, he didn’t panic. He prepared for moments like this because he knows that the things he can apply or create something from the things he learned while self-studying.

Moral of the story: Never stop educating yourself. The world keeps on changing. Every day there are new trends and new things to learn. Do not be stagnant. Don’t stick to one idea. Open your mind to opportunities and ideas. Learn about yourself, your passion, hobbies, and be curious. The world will not wait for you before it changes. Keep working on yourself. Show up and get better every day. Learn something new every day.


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