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My Year 2021 Review

The overall theme for my year 2021 was to keep learning and to expand my creativity.

So far, I accomplished some of my new year's resolutions. Finally, I wrote my second book, Going Japanese. I admit it took me a while to write this one. I was searching for my creative juice to come back. It made me realize that in order to accomplish our goals, we just need to start. We need to have the will to act.

For my other accomplished goals, my girlfriend and I finally started a YouTube channel named Gemini Bites! The channel is about food. Other than writing and reading, I love cooking. It serves as a stress reliever for both of us. That’s why my special someone and I created Gemini Bites.

Overall, this was an exceptional year. Despite everything that happened, I’m really grateful for the growth I accomplished this year.

My theme and goal for 2022 is to expand my knowledge and pursue my curiosities. How about you? How was your 2021? I’m looking forward to reading yours in the comment section below.


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