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My Second Book: Going Japanese

Year 2020 is the year when our lives changed. Whatever it is you're doing right now, I hope you are safe. One of my goals during this pandemic is to become a better individual. Improve my skills, widen my knowledge and feed my curiosity. This book is the result of that.

As we move forward in this pandemic and global reset, I hope my blog and my second book will help you achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself.

Japan has a special place in my heart. This country gave me the answers that I'm looking for in my life.

Here’s the cover of my second book entitled Going Japanese which will be available later this year.

My inspiring trip in Japan last 2018 has made me fall in love with the Japanese culture which led me to write this book. Going Japanese aims to enlighten non-Japanese readers on how illuminating the Japanese way of living is —enabling us to understand on why they do the things they do.

Paperback copies will only be available in the Philippines for now. It will be available at 8Letters Book Store. It is a small indie bookstore here in the Philippines. Visit for more info.

For readers outside the Philippines, you can get an eBook copy via Amazon and other big eBook companies worldwide.

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