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My Problem With Money

When I was still in my teens I always wanted to be rich. I mean who doesn’t?

Having money gives you more options and freedom. Then as I started to get older and be more curious about how the system worked. I realized that money is the root of all evil, especially how the FIAT currency works.

This led me to hate money & wealth. My mindset with money changed.. My life went on a downward spiral for a couple of years because of my hatred of money. In short I was naive.

Now that I’m working and in my mid 20s, I admit to myself that I was wrong. My awful mindset with money cost me the life that I’m living right now. Back then my hatred didn't see what money and wealth could bring a person. Opportunities and Freedom. When you have more opportunities and freedom, you can have the most valuable asset of them all: Time.

As I enter the investing stage of my life, I regret the mistakes that I made before. And I wished that I didn’t allow myself to be consumed so much by the negative mindset.

Right now my goal is to build wealth by investing or side hustles like my food content page (please subscribe lol).

I’m grinding in my mid 20’s so that 10-30 years from now, I make sure I no longer have regrets. I don’t want to waste my prime years doing stuff I don’t like. This risk that I’m willing to take right now will be worth it.

Realize that our psychology with money affects our life. How we use our money and wealth is the key to living the life that we want.


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