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My Current Mindset

As I mentioned before, one of my new year’s resolutions this year was to create more digital content for my food blog Gemini Bites. 3 months later, I think I’m doing good so far. One of my short-term goals was to reach 50 subscribers by May 2022 on YouTube and I just exceeded the subscriber count! As I’m writing this, the channel currently has 54 subscribers. My next goal is to reach 100 by June and 500 before this year ends.

I really want to be a full time content creator and be my own boss. Earning money while I do what I love feels great. This is where my current mindset enters. As you all know, I’ve written two books, and it’s not enough to help me make a living, especially nowadays. Prices are going ballistic(to the moon!), and my work only pays me enough to cover the bills. Perhaps entering the content creation space can help me survive this phase in our life. I tried switching jobs, but nobody wants to hire me. I get rejections and “thank you” most of the time (thanks for the motivation!).

My current mindset right now is: “Nobody wants to hire me, so I’ll just hire myself.” I’ll keep doing what I love to do and take a risk. Waiting around and not being productive will get me nowhere. I’ll use every free time I have to work on my craft, learn something new and express my uniqueness to the world.

I hope you do the same as well. The world is changing. We are now in a reset. This is the perfect time to start something new and go be you!

Here's my YouTube channel: Gemini Bites


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