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My Coronavirus Experience

Note: My experience doesn’t apply to everyone. I just want to share with you what I saw and what I know.

On August 8, 2020, my father went to the hospital for admission. He was already coughing and having difficulty breathing before we went to the hospital. As we all know, those are some symptoms of the virus.

He didn’t show other signs or symptoms of the virus except coughing and breathing difficulty, which is good because it can be cured. It is not yet a severe case.

As we wait for our turn in the hospital in a tent exposed to the virus, I noticed that most Covid patients are 50 years old and above, obese, and have a medical history. It took us 11 hours before we could get a room in the hospital.

We arrived at the Emergency area (which is a tent) at 4:30 pm, and then we were assisted to the room at around 3:20 am. By the way, not all hospitals do this, I think. Maybe that happened because they carefully process each patient, which is good. However, each patient is exposed to everything while waiting. I can see old people complaining and some guardian of a patient shouted at the staff because his mom is not taken care of by the staff.

My experience at the tent felt like an apocalyptic movie.

As we get to our room and get proper rest, my dad got his Covid 19 test by swab testing. If you’re not familiar with this, it is a test done through your mouth and nose. When he finished the test, it was time for the both of us to get some damn sleep.

While waiting for the results of his swab test, his doctor came to the room and told us that based on his lab tests(swab is not yet included), he is Covid-19 positive. The doctor told me that I should go home, because I am exposed and there’s a high risk of infection if I stayed there for a long time without proper protection.

Patient as a lab rat

My term “lab rat” could sound extreme, but when a disease hits your body and no proper medicine is available, you have no choice but to be part of a clinical trial. And this is what happened to my father.

As time went by a nurse entered the room and she was holding a consent paper about his Covid medications. The patient needs to sign on that paper to proceed with his medications. If you are facing life or death, you have no choice but to sign those papers.

The medicine prescribed to him was Avigan. It is an anti-flu drug from Japan. His dosage was extremely high for the first and second day. He drank 9 tablets per day for the first two days.

Unlike other meds wherein there is a time interval for when to drink the next tablet, Avigan is different. The patient needs to drink all 9 tablets at the same time. The medicine was effective for him. His condition got better each day. However, avigan have negative side-effects like causing birth defects and diminished neurological function.

What about me?

I stayed in his room for two days. The doctor really wanted me to go home, so I had no choice at all but to go home. I was not showing symptoms, so they didn’t test me. The nurse told me that I should do a home quarantine since I got exposed to the virus. She told me that, if you’re not feeling any symptoms, it is okay to not take the tests. If you are feeling any symptoms such as cough, do a self-quarantine first and observe your condition. Going to the hospital is not necessary if you are not a severe case. Unless you want to be a lab rat.

For my status and condition, I feel good. I’m not experiencing any symptoms at all.

What can you do to battle the virus?

Boosting your immunity and exercise is your weapon. It really bothers me that people complain about getting sick because of the food they eat and their lifestyle. Health is wealth. You are responsible for the food you eat and lifestyle you take. Proper food is medicine. Stop feeding yourself with poison. Here’s the latest evidence about obesity and covid-19. And here’s a clip about the benefits of Vitamin D

The virus is real. However, the governments are using this time to push their agenda. It’s about control and power. During a time of crisis, you must stay calm and avoid making irrational decisions. A population living in fear and hysteria is easy to control.

The media and big pharma doesn’t talk about boosting your immunity to battle coronavirus because it is against their agenda. They want people to live in a state of panic. For big pharma, they can lose money if a person is healthy. Keep in mind, they are a business and their customers are patients. A patient cured is a customer lost.

Don’t live in panic. Exercise. Boost your immunity. Be aware of your surroundings.


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