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Morning Routines To Start Your Day

Building a routine is essential to achieve your goals. Successful people around the world have one thing in common: They have a routine. Their routines help them start their day the right way and gives them a mindset to do what they want. A routine is a habit developed overtime. It becomes part of you. Your routine defines who you are as a person. It defines your character.

Do you want to know the secret to increase your productivity? Routine is the answer.

Here are some morning routines to start your day:

Drink Water/ Hydrate

Water is an essential nutrient. Without it, we can’t survive. We can survive without eating food, but without water we can’t. There are so many benefits of water in our body (1,2,3). Start your day by rehydrating yourself.


Exercise is the best way to be fit. You can do some light exercises in the morning if you don’t have that much free time. If you are short on time, you can do plank exercises for 5-10 mins for a full-body workout. If you have tons of free time, hit the gym, play sports, or other ways to get your body moving. Remember, having a healthy lifestyle is an investment for your future self.


Stillness speaks. Stillness is the best exercise for the brain. The best way to do it is through meditation. Meditation is difficult at first, but once you do this every day, you’ll notice the great effects it does to your body. When you meditate, you’ll learn the importance of breathing, awareness and becoming an observer. To build your meditation habits, start by doing this for 5 minutes and increase a minute every day. In this world, meditation will help you escape the noise and give you the focus you need.

Pick up a book

Reading matters. A book will open your mind and feed your curiosity. Reading is food for the brain. As a person who once worked in a bookstore, I’m happy that people still love books today. Even though our technology allows us to read books on our phones or tablets, people still visit bookstores to buy physical books because of the experience itself.

To know what book you want to read, pick a book that interests you. Reading will help you advance in life, especially with the technology that we have today. A person who is articulate and knowledgeable will have more opportunities compared to those who isn’t.

Social Media Shutdown

No social media for one hour after you wake up. That’s it. Sounds easy, right? Imagine the horrors of not touching your phone after you wake up. You should do this because once you get hooked on these apps, it’s over. You’ll get hooked on this like a drug and then lose your productive energy for the day. If you are using your phone as an alarm, I suggest you get yourself an alarm clock.

Plan and Schedule Your Day

Having a schedule will set you on the right track. By having a schedule, you can prioritize the tasks you need to do. A schedule is the best way to be productive.

Battling your morning laziness is stopping you from who you want to become! Build yourself a routine.

What are your morning routines? Share some of yours in the comment section below.


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