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Minimalism Changed My 2019

It all started when everyone was talking about Marie Kondo. So as a curious person, I tried to watch an episode of her Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” At first, I thought it was weird to let people get rid of the stuff they own not because they don’t deserve it but they worked hard to earn the money to buy what they want.

Then I typed into YouTube to watch more about this philosophy. And there I watched a YouTuber named Matt D’Avella. Matt’s videos are about Minimalism, 30 Day Challenges, and fantastic interviews with fellow YouTubers and people who are changing the world in their own way. He also directed the awesome Netflix film “Minimalism.”

After watching some of his videos, I told myself, “Maybe I should try this philosophy or lifestyle for 3 months.” “Maybe this will help me save more.” “Maybe this will help me silence the noise in my head that’s always telling me I should always follow the trend.” And so it did.

After trying this lifestyle, my perspective changed. I got to save more, no more impulsive spending, buy things that provide value to me. And this is the most important change this lifestyle gave me: I became more aware of my needs and Wants. I just stopped giving a fuck to these advertisements and sale that bombard me everywhere I go.

There’s a common misconception about Minimalism. People think becoming a minimalist is getting rid of all your stuff. That’s not true. The true meaning of Minimalism is having things that provide you value. Most of us nowadays just have too much. We forget that simplicity is a key to living a happy and meaningful life.

Most of us grew up in a society wherein we judge people on what they own and how much they earn. We judge people based on their materialistic desires and lifestyle. In fact, with this bias, we forgot that there are things that matter more than materialism and money. It is the value and other things that money can’t buy. Just like attitude, respect, honor, loyalty and honesty.

In this day and age of a distracted world, minimalism will help you get back on track in life just like it did to me.


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