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Lockdown 2.0

This is a rant about the never ending lockdowns

Here we go again, folks.

We thought that this new year it would be different. We all dreamed about a year with no lockdowns. A year of us adjusting to the new normal. But here we are. Back to square one. What is the end goal of these lockdowns? Is it really useful against this pandemic? Or is it just another tactic of imposing authoritarianism by using fear and propaganda?

There are countries out there that didn't even impose lockdowns because of the economic destruction it brings. Japan, for example, had covid cases, but they didn’t shut down their economy. They informed people of the protocols and let the citizens do their part to prevent the spread of the virus.

Sometimes I wonder, what if this is part of the new normal? What if we’re going to have yearly lockdowns? When the pandemic ends, what excuse will they use against us? Climate change?

Every time the government shuts down the economy, it’s always affects the poor and middle class. We think that if they keep printing money out of thin air is the answer, but it’s not. This will lead to inflation.

How can the middle class and the poor survive? Unfortunately, as the prices go up the wage can’t keep up with the inflation.

During this pandemic, the rich got wealthier than ever. This is the greatest wealth transfer in our lifetime.

Are vaccines the answer?

It is, but there are a lot of uncertainties with these vaccines. We know about the side effects it could bring us. But what if someone close to us had a severe reaction to these vaccines? What will we do? We can’t sue these pharmaceutical companies. They will just deny the incident and move on. What about the new variants? Are these vaccines effective against these new variants? Will these vaccines be the new flu shots?

In the NBA or other sports, they make full contact with each other and touch the same ball, but they still have to wear a mask and social distance if they are not on the court. Is that science?

I’m not anti-science and anti-vaccine. I believe in covid. I had it. I almost lost my father because of it. I’m just a man who seeks the truth. All they tell us is to trust the science.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Let’s stay strong everyone.


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