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Life Will Change In An Instant

Change is a lesson we can never learn in school. It is a lesson we can only learn through experience.

Life will change in an instant. This is the harsh reality that we should always remember.

Our loved one won’t be with us forever, the job that keeps us happy will make us sad, we get old and our body gets weaker, tragedies can hit us anytime, etc.

There are tons of examples I can write here but I hope you get my idea.

We must always prepare ourselves for the worst. Why? Because adversity can strike anytime.

People don’t like this idea that much because it is the truth. Most of us avoid the truth because it hurts our feelings. The truth that our life is not sunshine and rainbows. The truth that suffering is part of our life.

Being realistic is not a negative trait. In fact, being realistic gives us a wider perspective of how we should live our lives. This could lead us to better financial decisions and an improved lifestyle.

Remember: Never take life for granted. Life will change in an instant.


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