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Life Is Finite

We will not live forever.

Once we are born, our death is guaranteed.

We all die at some point.

All of us have limited time.

Pursuing something meaningful can make our lives worth it. We have to take the risks of chasing our dreams and accomplishing short-term goals.

Use the internet to spark your interests and curiosity. The book of knowledge is in front of us. You hold a device every day that can give you access to millions of information.

Technology is a double-edge sword. If we use it wisely, we can be better individuals.

Are you tired? It’s okay to disconnect or detox once in a while. Travel somewhere quiet or go to your favorite beach or parks. Relaxing is part of life. The hustle culture shown to us in social media is not for everyone. It looks great in photos and videos, but it takes a toll in our lives. It’s all about balance.

There are moments in life wherein we forget about our mortality. That’s normal. However, we must always remind ourselves that our time is limited. Soon this will all be over.

As the late Steve Jobs said,

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.”

Don’t be afraid of failure. Nobody is perfect. All of us experience failure.

Life is difficult, and it is finite. That’s the human experience.


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