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Learning from Cooking

Ever since lockdowns started during this pandemic, I worked on improving essential skills in life. Improving my cooking is one of those essential skills. To be honest with you, I already know how to cook. I already know the basics. However, improving my craft and creating harder dishes was difficult for me before. I mean, I still struggle nowadays especially when I create a new dish.

What does cooking have to do with personal growth? Well, here are some lessons you can learn from cooking.

Cooking boosts your confidence.

Cooking with confidence will help you produce fantastic food.

Learning to accept feedback.

Every dish you make, you need to listen to feedback. This will help you create a better dish in the future.

It is a simple way of turning your idea into reality and express your creativity.

Ever had an image of food in your head that you want to create? Cooking will help you do that. With the amount of resources we have these days, turning your food ideas into reality is easier.

The food industry is a vast wasteland of ideas. There are so many ideas you can combine and get to create the dish you want.

Learn other culture and history through food

For every food you eat, you can experience the culture and history.

Helps you break out of your shell

Creating a new dish lets you become a better person. Learning to cook styles and techniques will help you break out of your shell.

Gives you the desire to keep moving forward

The desire to create a new dish. The desire to create your own specialty. Cooking gives you the desire to explore the vast wasteland of the cooking industry. It gives you the desire to keep moving forward.

Every failure is a learning experience

When creating a dish for the first time, it won’t be great. There will always be room for improvements. When cooking, you learn through your failures. When you fail, it becomes a valuable experience that will help you become better.

These are some lessons you can learn from cooking. What do you think are other lessons you can learn from cooking? Let me know in the comment section below.


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