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Just Do Your Job

All of us have our own types of jobs. As kids, our job was to do well in school, respect our parents, express our creativity, improve our talents, etc.

As we get older, our responsibilities get bigger and bigger.

We have to find our way of living and what “career” path should we take. More often we face a “dead end” because of two choices: Should we play it safe? Or take the risk and pursue our dreams. If you’re in this position, what will you choose?

As we get older, we have to face the reality that we can never control everything. A perfect example of this scenario is that when people pursue what they want in life, they worry about what people think about them. Worrying about things we cannot control only makes us anxious and fills our heads with fear.

Another scenario is when we apply and search for jobs once we make and send our resumes we feel anxious. We are making up ideas inside our head about how the company sees our resume.

The only way to get rid of this feeling is simple: Do your best.

In big companies, each employee and staff have their own roles. Each one of them requires doing the job assigned to them to make the company grow, improve and make a profit.

In team sports, each player has his or her own roles to fill. A winning team comprises players and staff who know their role. Once it's game time, they just do their job the best that they can.

This principle must be applied in life. We must do our job the best that we can. That’s it.

Just do your job. Give everything you got and make your “perfect” work. Never worry about the outcome and the future.

Once you do your job, let go of overthinking and let nature shape your future.


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