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I Wish Someone Taught Me This Before

I wish someone taught me how to invest before.

I wish they taught this in school.

Now at 25, I just started investing in stocks (and crypto). I didn’t go all in and put all of my money in it. High risk and high rewards, that’s what investing is all about. It’s a waiting game. Your patience and emotions will be tested once you enter the stock market world.

I already have regrets in terms of investments. It was a huge mistake to not buy Tesla shares back in 2016 and continue investing crypto. I didn’t have a job back then, and I was still studying. But I wish that someone told me to invest during those times. I thought that true wealth was all about showing off your fancy clothing and material stuff.

Fast forward to 2021, I’m thrilled that I met someone who taught me how to invest. I’m sharing this to you because I believe that investing is important for all of us. You need to invest while you’re young.

Remember: People who obtain abundance of wealth always had multiple sources of income.

As Professor Scott Galloway says, “So how do we get rich? Slowly.”


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