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How We React Is What Matters

There are things we cannot control in life. This is a fact. No matter what we plan ahead of us, sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want it to be.

When handling a difficult situation what do you do? How will you react to it?

Our reaction is what matters the most. When presented with problems, we have a tendency of letting our emotions get ahead of us. We let it control us, and that’s normal. It’s part of our human nature. However, being aware of our emotions lets us control it.

For example, when we disagree with someone, we let our pride get in our way and it leads to hate and suffering. We often argue who is right and wrong, not towards peace. This will make the disagreements worse. We should always argue towards peace. That’s how we fix problems. Not agreeing with each other all the time is normal. We have different views and beliefs. It’s a matter of accepting them.

Another example is how the media portrays the pandemic. All they do is instill fear in our minds. Yes, the virus is out there and killed people, especially the old ones but if we keep feeding ourselves with this fear driven narrative, it will destroy our lives. I’m not saying the virus isn’t real. It is real. I have my own coronavirus experience (which you can read here).

How can we react to this fear based narrative? Be aware, not anxious. Learn the facts.

Our reaction in tough times like this is what matters. When dealing with things we cannot control, how we react is what matters.


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