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How To Recreate Yourself

As a human being, recreating yourself is your superpower. By forging a new identity, it unlocks your potential and makes you the master of your life.

The problem with people these days is they let other people define who they are and what they will do. Take a look at other families, for example, you can see a constant cycle of career choices. "Family A" is made up of doctors but the daughter doesn’t want to be a doctor instead she wants to be a musician or artist. By following what her parents told her to do, she ends up unhappy, anxious and even depressed. In a worst-case scenario, she could even take her own life and even continue the cycle to her future child. She wasted so much time pleasing her parents and relatives.

What we lack to understand is this: We are unique individuals who have free will. Our skills, strengths, and weaknesses are different from each other. You have special skills that you can only do and I have my skills of my own that you can’t do.

Look at the great people who left a legacy in our world, they recreated themselves. Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Napoleon Bonaparte, John D. Rockefeller, and other great men and women recreated themselves to achieve what they want. You can be like them as well, all it takes to recreate yourself from inside out.

Here are the Keys To Recreating Yourself:

Accept Reality

Accepting Reality no matter what happens will help you understand what life is about.

People nowadays often escape reality when they are facing adversity, problems, and negativity. You can notice this in teenagers and young adults these days. Most of them use drugs and liquor to escape reality but when they wake up the next day or when they are no longer high and drunk the problem still exists. Another example is when people use the “victimhood” mentality. They like to play the victim and blame other people for their mistakes and problems.

Here’s the harsh reality of life: No one will save you. You can listen and read positivity books, podcasts, YouTube videos all day but if you don’t face your reality nothing will happen. You will never grow and unlock your potential.

When you start accepting reality, your fear of death disappears. A lot of people these days forget that they have limited time here on this planet. They waste their precious time by chasing pleasures and avoid exploring the unknown. These type of people are those who are afraid to experience suffering and pain. You must not be like them.

Understand that suffering is part of life. Without suffering life will never be complete. In the good and bad things that happen in your life, you must use it as a lesson. You must do your part in everything that you do so that when your time comes, you won’t be filled with regret. By doing this you can accept reality.

Have Self-Awareness

How self-aware are you? Do you let your thoughts and emotions take control of you? Do these define your identity? If Yes, then you lack self-awareness.

As human beings, we tend to use our emotions to define our actions. Sometimes, we use anger without thinking about the consequences. we act based upon our thoughts and emotions. we lie to other people and to other ourselves to soothe our Egos. We see people as they are without thinking about their personality and behavior. These are the samples of lacking self-awareness. I’m sure you noticed and encounter these as well every day in life.

Having self-awareness allows you to understand other people, yourself and your environment. When you are self-aware you become more in touch with your true self. You become mindful, you can see where your thoughts and emotions take you. When you have self-awareness, you become rational.

To practice self-awareness, you should incorporate meditation in your daily routine. When you meditate and focus on your breathing, you will notice that your thoughts and emotions don’t define who you are. You’ll notice that when you turn your thoughts into actions there is always a space between those two. That space serves as a reminder that you always have a choice.

Understand that having self-awareness and mindfulness is a powerful tool when you recreate yourself. By having self-awareness you can distance yourself from irrationality.

Find Your Calling

Why are you here? A four-word question that most people struggle to answer. To find your calling or purpose what you need to do is this: What is it that you love the most when you were a kid? Is it music? Arts? Writing? Sports? Science? Mathematics? By looking back at your past you can identify your purpose. Remember your purpose is not about you. It’s about how it makes the lives of other people better. Your purpose will give you the power to have a direction in life.

In today’s world, the opportunity to find your purpose is easier because of technology. Take advantage of it. Avoid the mistakes of the past especially those who lived a life who didn't know their purpose.

Always keep in mind that you are unique. Your uniqueness is your key to find your calling and recreating yourself.

Resist the pull of Conformity

In order for you to recreate yourself, you must avoid and resist conformity.

When you conform there’s a higher chance that you won’t find your purpose because you always listen to other voices. You must learn to question the authority and “rebel” the right way.

A great example of this is Tara Westover(author of Educated), born in Idaho, she didn’t have any formal education, medical records, and birth certificate because her father doesn’t want her to be in the records of the government. She lived off-the-grid throughout her childhood, isolated to the real world. By the time she was 17, she decided to go to college(BYU). During her time at BYU, she experienced what freedom and real-world was all about. If she didn’t “rebel” at her parents she would still live the same life. That choice she made when she wanted to explore the unknown and resist conformity opened up her life.

You may not have the same life like her but you experience the pull of conformity every day. You have friends, co-worker, and an environment that pulls you down. To recreate yourself you must avoid these type of people. Because these people are toxic, insecure, irrational and they won’t make your life better.

In fact, people want you to conform because they envy you. They are afraid that you might have a better life than they do. What you need to do is surround yourself with winners, not losers.

Understand that conformity is part of human nature. People conform because of fear, authority, and power. To recreate yourself you must resist it at all cost.

Fear Nothing

When you start to recreate yourself, you will have fears. The fear that you will offend and lose other people, fear of exploring the unknown, fear of taking action and, fear of living your life in your terms.

Don’t worry, fear is part of your life, even I feel fear sometimes when I write and publish controversial blog posts. I feel fear because I might offend someone but that feeling won't stop me from publishing what I want.

In order for you to practice the “fear nothing” type of attitude and lifestyle, you must confront your fears. That is the only way for you to become the person that you want to be.

Business Mogul, rapper Curtis Jackson(50 Cent) born in Southside Queens didn’t have any parents to guide him in life. He was also shot 9 times when he was about to release his new record album. But that didn’t stop him from chasing his ambitions. He never let fear take over his life because of what he experienced instead he used those difficult times as power. He understood that our time here is limited and for us to achieve our ambitions in life we must confront our fears.

Understand that in order for you to recreate yourself, you must live this type of attitude. You will encounter failures when you face your fears but don’t let that stop you. Remember your time here is limited.

Confront Your Shadow

People like to deny that they have a dark side. This dark side or shadow often comes out when we face problems this is the emotional outbursts, fake persona, sudden anxious feeling, depressions, and mood swings. To recreate yourself, you must confront this dark side of yours. How? You must recognize and examine your character.

This shadow is buried deep within us, it starts to develop when we're kids and it becomes part of our character. Sometimes this shadow takes control of our lives and it becomes our known identity. To recognize this, you must take a step back when you have these emotional outbursts. You need to ask yourself why am I reacting like this? Do I really need to get angry? When you do this you develop a sense of connection with your shadow and you become more self-aware of your true identity.

Understand that this shadow or dark side is part of you. It follows you anywhere. To recreate yourself you must be in touch with your shadow. Use it as a tool to accomplish what you want. Never disregard this dark side of identity that you have.

Be Formless

The last key to recreate yourself is to be formless.

You must be like water. In life, you must learn to be flexible and adaptable to every situation. When you assume formlessness you will become unpredictable which can lead you success in life. When people want to accomplish something in life, they see it as a straight path but reality doesn’t work that way. Reality will hit you left and right which leads to people quitting on their dreams. When you are formless you learn to strategize and adapt to what reality gives you.

Understand that nothing is constant in life, everything can change in an instant. You must always be ready for what will come.


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