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From Crisis To Opportunity

We are now in the great reset. The normal that we know before might not come back after all. This is a very interesting time we live in right now. Local businesses crashed. Schools are closed. The workforce revolution is happening. The stock market is slowly recovering. The big businesses are thriving like Amazon and other lockdown proof businesses.

For every crisis and opportunity will present itself. The working from home idea was always criticised along with the 4 Day or 3 Day work week. They said it wouldn't work. Some say it kills the productivity of the employee. All of a sudden covid arrived and most of us shifted to working from home and it worked. Although this work setup may not work for everyone, but this is a win for the workforce. We know now that it works. Imagine the amount of time you can save because there’s no need to commute anymore. Time is valuable for all of us.

As we slowly get back to the “normal” lives that we know, there’s an opportunity to turn our lives around and be ready for the new world. This is the perfect time to try out new things, invest and innovate.

For every crisis, there’s an opportunity to improve ourselves.


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