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Evolve or Die

As human beings, we must learn how to evolve in life. Evolving means learning to adapt to your environment, taking the next step, learning something new, testing fresh ideas, embracing the unknown, and getting out of your shell. The world is not constant, just like nature. It always moves.

In life, we always stay in our comfort zone because it feels good. Life feels so good when we are not suffering. However, as we keep staying in our comfort zone, we become stagnant. We stop progressing in life.

A perfect example of this is in our careers. Most of us prefer a job that’s easy and pays well. We chase comfort and money in exchange of pursuing our dreams. Don’t get me wrong on this one. Money is important. We need it to live. Financial wealth gives us options in life. Money is essential.

For us to grow, we must learn to take risks. No matter how big or small the risks we take, this choice lets us step into the unknown. When we face our fears, we become a better being. We become stronger and wiser.

Simple ways to Evolve:

Start a small business (Never go big right away when starting a business)

Learn Something New

Travel and Explore other cultures

Do something that involves creativity

Face your fears


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