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Effort Results To "Genius"

Calling a person a “genius” sound great, right? Every time a person accomplishes something superb we always label them as “genius.”

It’s not wrong to call them that way but do we even acknowledge the hard work and effort they put in?

This happens to all of us. Once we accomplish something such as getting honors or high grades, building a successful business, publishing a book,. we are called a “genius.” Yet nobody acknowledges the effort we made to reach that status.

This can affect us mentally. We keep searching for new ideas and feel the surrounding pressure. We lose track of our purpose or why we even started to walk this path.

Calling someone a “genius” isn’t bad at all but it is much better if we acknowledge the effort and grind of that person because the process itself made that person a “genius.”

If you’re this person who gets called this often, you must never lose track of your goal. You must never become stagnant. Why? Because excessive talent will harm you.


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