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Do It Now: A Lesson From 2020

How was your 2020?

2020 didn’t feel like 12 months. It felt like it stopped by February, and then suddenly it was December. Asking how your 2020 was a silly question of mine. 2020 was a rough year for all of us. The pandemic affected all of us. Most of us lost our jobs. While some of us are now shifting to a new work style such as working from home, 4 Day Work Weeks and 3 Day Work Weeks.

We are living in a fundamental change right now. A “new normal” is being created right now. As I stated above, there’s a change in the workforce. Some jobs will become obsolete, but it will be replaced with something more advanced. As I’m writing this, e-commerce businesses and delivery apps are booming. Unfortunately, this shift won’t be easy. Lots of businesses are closing down because they can’t innovate. While some businesses require human to human interactions to earn money. The food industry is an example. They are the most affected businesses during this pandemic, along with the airline industry.

How did you take advantage of your time during the lockdowns?

If there’s a lesson we can get from 2020, it is to do the things you want right now. You need to Do It Now! This is the perfect time to execute your ideas, try out new hobbies and pursue creativity. All of us got a lot of time right now. We now know that anything can change in a moment. 2020 was the year, we finally realize that there are things we cannot control

Whatever it is you want to do, do it now. It is okay if your work sucks. It is okay if the things you want to do aren't perfect. Because executing your ideas is a way of facing your fears, and this is a way to grow as an individual.


Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all the best!!


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