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Before I left my job at the bookstore, I remembered my manager told me I lack commitment for the job. No, he did not fire me. I left because it was a draining job. Going to work every day including weekends can drain you. It’s the life of a retail worker. Let’s get back to commitment.

I wrote this because I had a thought that maybe he’s right. Commitment is a challenge. It requires grit and dedication. When we have a dream, we want to accomplish, we want to be committed to it. I remember writing my first book Roots, I dedicated most of my time writing, reading and researching. It was months of spending time alone. I did that because it was a dream of mine to write a book.

For athletes, they have to wake up early every day to put in the work to become the best athlete they can be. Practice and putting in the extra work is a commitment. We’ve seen the results of this. These hall of famers and olympians are the product of commitment.

In relationships, commitment is a must to make relationships work and long lasting. Without commitment, it will fail. A relationship without commitment and dedication is a disaster.

There are moments wherein we want to get better but we don’t know how. Sometimes committing yourself to something is the answer. Committing to do simple things at home that reduces the chaos in your life, like cleaning your room or getting rid of the things that no longer bring value to you can make you better.

People who are committed to something or someone have to show up every day. They have to because they need to. Commitment is a challenge worth doing.


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