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Boredom Is A Form of Resistance

Everyday you are in a battle against an invisible enemy. This enemy is a dream-killer, soothes your ego, source of laziness, unhappiness, doubt, and fueled by fear. This enemy is known as the resistance.

Resistance is a force so powerful that it prevents us from doing what we need to do.

Creative people know about this because they can feel this. Maybe you’re not in the creative industry, but I know you felt this force.

This force gives you the feeling to stay in your comfort zone. Sometimes a voice inside your head tells you to do this task later, even though you are not doing anything important at the moment. This is the resistance.

From my writing experience, writer’s block is resistance. Sometimes I have so many ideas in my head and then when I write these, I don’t know what to write anymore. This is a perfect example of resistance.

Now that most of you are staying in your home for a month because of community quarantine or lockdown, you will feel resistance stronger than ever. Once boredom strikes, that is resistance. Since your home is a place of comfort, resistance is everywhere.

Battle your boredom and laziness to use this time to learn something new. The time that you don’t have before to improve yourself, you have it now.

Here’s a tip: You need a goal to win your battle against resistance. For example, after this month of solitude you should be a different person.

Build yourself a schedule to map out your day. Binge watch or play video games in the afternoon. Use your mornings to improve yourself and learn something new. Your desire for improvement will help you battle resistance.

Remember: Stagnation is equal to regression.

How do you battle boredom these days? Let me know in the comment section below!


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