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Blog Changes and Updates

Hello there,

As you may can see I recently made changes on this blog. I redesigned it and added more features especially on the mobile version of Millennial Thoughts. Don’t worry my goal and purpose is still the same as last time, that will never change. Here are the changes that I made:

No More Ads:

Having ads on a website is a great way to monetize it. For me, however, I don’t like earning money by click baiting my viewers. You are on my blog to read what you want to read, not to click ads. Also, I removed the ads because of privacy issues. I’m sure you know that the algorithm of these ads is based upon your searches via your smartphone, laptop, voice assistant, etc. By doing this, I can help you maintain your precious privacy.

So How can you help me monetize Millennial Thoughts?

I decided to put a “Donate” button via Paypal below the home page and blog post page. Instead of accidentally clicking ads(I know it sucks when ads and pop-ups appear) to monetize this blog, you can donate any amount you want via PayPal. Maintaining this website, in the long run, will be awesome and with your aid, I can do it!

New Blog Page:

I changed the blog page and made it more futuristic and interactive. As you can see there are no more annoying ”archives and tags.” The posts are now photos with its title and it looks better than the old version of Millennial Thoughts.

Additional Notes:

There might be times when you can’t properly read because of the font style. Don’t worry, there will be changes coming soon. The devs of my web provider are working hard to fix issues like this.

To end this blog post,

I just want to say thank you for reading, interacting via comments and sharing my posts! I look forward to hearing from you in the future!


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