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Awakening The Inner Child

It’s just one of those days as an adult. I feel uncreative, unproductive, lazy, and stagnant.

The routine life of an employee is affecting me. Life feels so stagnant when we do the same things every day. It’s tiring and depressing. As an adult, we have no choice. We need to work to provide our needs and wants. Life is strenuous without a job, especially now that we are in an economic reset and pandemic.

As you can see from my previous posts, I haven’t written long articles for a while. Yes, it sucks for not being able to write as long as I did before. I don’t feel the inspiration that I had before.

I feel like my inner child is dying. However, I want it to stay alive as long as I live. It is my source of creativity, inspiration and ideas.

To awaken my inner child once again, I took a break from everything.

Maybe I’m just burned out from work.

I read new books.

I tried new things like investing in the stock market and crypto.

Looked for a safe place to walk around to clear my mind.

This is one of those road bumps as an adult. I always remind myself that everything is okay, I’m very lucky to do what I want in life. I think that the only way to keep my inner child alive is to keep moving forward and see these obstacles as challenges.


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