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Are You Prepared For The New World?

A new normal is upon us. Are you prepared for it?

If you’re like me stuck at home, what are you doing to prepare yourself for the new world? What skill are you improving? Did you use this time to unlearn and learn? Did you learn more about yourself? You’ve got all the time that you need right now.

I don’t know who you are, but if you are one of the thousands who lost their jobs, I’m sorry. Use this time to learn a new skill. Take an online course to improve your knowledge and gain that certificate to boost your resume.

This pandemic will force us to change our lifestyle. It will force us to change or get rid of outdated systems.

Some business models will be obsolete. E-Commerce will boom.

Our current education system needs to accept the fact that online classes are valuable and get the recognition it needs.

Email, chat or just a simple phone call can discuss the meetings you had with your boss or business partners, deep down you know that. In the new world, meetings will now be digital.

Our privacy is compromised. Our phones will become a digital passport without it authorities will arrest you. You’ll no longer have the freedom you need.

Human beings are meant to be free. Privacy and freedom are part of your rights. If they take it away from us, this leads to the question: “Do we have rights or is it just privileges?”

“All you have to do is OBEY and everything will be fine” says the media. Be aware of the direction we are heading into as a society.

Even after this pandemic is over, there’s a little chance for our life to go back to the way it was because of fear. Do you like the new world we are heading into? Are you prepared for it?


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