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Absorbing New Ideas

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve had a rough week that’s why this blog didn’t have new posts.

I’m at this state of being right now wherein I follow my curiosity and absorb new ideas. You may have noticed this too. From my previous posts, my topics were about Zen and Eastern philosophy, which I don’t post about ever since I started this blog.

New ideas allowed me to grow as a human being and be more knowledgeable about different cultures and ways of living.

I absorbed these new ideas and combined them with the ideas of my own to make myself better. And hopefully the ideas I learned will be used for my next book. Lastly, absorbing new ideas helps me avoid becoming stagnant.

Doing this is hard, but what I will gain here will help me breakout of my shell.

So let’s stop talking about me. It’s time to shift the focus to you, my dear reader.

You must do the same as well. If you close yourself to other ideas, you become stagnant.

Once you become stagnant, your pride and ego will take control of you, and this will lead you to your downfall.

Once you absorb new ideas, you will breakout of your current shell and become a better being.


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