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A "Perfect" Job

Does a “perfect job” exist? What does a perfect job mean? 

Media nowadays portray what a perfect job looks like. It’s the typical fancy living, owning exotic cars and multiple mansions and have tons of money. This is what the media tells us about the perfect job. 

So what happens then? People chase money, materialism, and pleasure. Once they get a hold of it, they realise that this living feels empty. In fact, rich people have more problems than the poor and middle class. Some of them even forgot their morals. 

To be honest, money is great because it secures your future. But we should be aware of how we use it. 

This is where we get the “perfect job” idea. Like I said earlier, the media identifies a perfect job more on fantasy than reality. What if the current job we have won’t give us millions? Is it not a perfect job? 

I want you to watch this A Day in the Life of an average Japanese salary man video/documentary by Paolo from Tokyo. (Please watch it. I highly recommend it.)

This video can give you a shift of perspective if you work long hours or hate your job. 

As you can see from the video, Makoto loves his job, and he wants to work for the company throughout his life. Does Makoto have a perfect job? I think he does. 

Here’s why:

He loves his job and environment. The work give him purpose. The money he earns helps him pay the bills and make a living. Although he is working long hours (which is common in Japan and unhealthy for workers) you can see that he enjoys it. 

We may not agree with each other on this topic, but for me the meaning of a perfect job is this:

  • doing work with purpose and meaning

  • your environment respects each other

  • happy with your work

  • and of course, earning money

Most of us forget the fact that human beings are creatures of purpose. Our purpose helps us make our path towards our future. Our purpose fuels our will to live, which is extremely important in today’s depressed world. 

The current job you have right now may not earn you millions. That’s okay. As long as you have the money to buy your needs, you’ll live. But remember, you must use it wisely. To use it, you must have proper financial habits. Here’s a tip: Before you buy something ask yourself, “Do I need this or do I just want it to satisfy my cravings.”

Remember: Don’t forget how you use your time because your time is finite. Make everything count and love the process. A work wherein you don’t waste time is the idea of a perfect job.


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