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A Great Time To Improve Yourself

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Community Quarantine is in full effect on some countries. Here in the Philippines, the government just started the community quarantine which last for a month. Since most of us are stuck at home for a month, we should use this time to try other things and improve ourselves.

Instead of binge watching shows on streaming apps or other passive activities, we do to spend time. We should try reading books, spend quality time with our family, and try online courses.

If you have enough resources, use this time to work on your hobbies and other creative activities.

If you have kids with you, use this opportunity to teach them house chores. This will help them prepare once they grow up. Not all learning is done in a classroom.

This is the time for us to work on what we want in life. Who knows, maybe that one of these days while we are stuck at home, you get an idea that can change your life. The corona virus is a reminder for us that life will change in an instant. So use this time to try other things.

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

What do you usually do to spend your time during the community quarantine? Let me know in the comment section below!


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