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A Checklist For 2022

Happy new year everyone!

A brand new year is a clean slate. This is the perfect moment to create a checklist for what we want to achieve this year and beyond. Every year must be a year of growth and lessons. Each year, we get older and get closer to our death. That’s why we must use our time properly. I made this simple checklist because I want 2022 to be a significant year. Despite what’s happening in our world right now, simple goals can motivate us and make us better. Here’s my checklist for 2022:

Let’s start by focusing on what we can control. Right now, our society is full of fear and anxiety. What I will do more this year to not get caught in this vicious cycle is to take more social media breaks more, continue less mainstream media intake, and keep an open mind. I believe that the goal of mainstream media is to make every problem our problem. I see it as noise or distraction. We may both agree on this one, but having less mainstream media can improve your life. There are things or events in life we cannot control. We must accept it and let go of the worries.

Learn New Hobbies/ Tap into our “child” creative energy

As children, we are full of curiosity and excitement. It diminishes as we get older and when we take part in the rat race. For this year, I want to tap into that energy again. It helped me with the books I wrote and other forms of creativity. I want to light that fire again. This year, I want to create more creative content on YouTube. In my previous blog posts, I wrote I made a YouTube Channel Gemini Bites. Food and cooking serves as a stress reliever for me and I love food. Each dish made is a product of consistency and imperfections.

Taking Care of Our Body

Ever heard of intermittent fasting? And OMAD or One Meal a Day? Ever since 2019, I have skipped meals every day, especially my morning meal. I just eat lunch and dinner now. Before 2021 ended, I tried eating One Meal A Day. It was difficult for a couple of days but my body is used to it now. It feels great and I’m losing weight. I believe that we just eat too much nowadays. We should rest our digestive system once in a while by fasting. And of course, exercising is a must this year. Ever since the pandemic started, we knew that being obese is a high-risk. Exercise, eating right and fasting are essential during this pandemic.

Reread books

There’s a saying you never step on the same river twice.This saying applies to books as well. Rereading books allows you to remind yourself of some lessons you learned before and probably learn something new again. That’s why it’s important to reread timeless philosophical books. You learn and reflect on something from it each time you read.

These are my checklists for 2022!

If you don’t have a checklist for this year, you can use this and join me! If you have, share some in the comment section below.


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