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The Mask of Insecurity

Photo by Danir Yangirov on Unsplash

Let’s be honest here, we all have the mask of insecurity. People are usually unaware that they wear this mask. They thought that this mask is their true identity but it's not.

We can see this on social media, a lot of people are posting great picture of themselves pretending that they are happy but deep inside they know that they are using this platform to mask their real-life problems. Most of them are sad, depressed, anxious and insecure but they don’t know why.

Social media is becoming a fantasy land for these type of people which is dangerous because it makes them delusional and irrational human beings.

If people are proud and confident of what they are showing then they shouldn’t use these filters to hide their selves.

A great example of this situation is wherein the user becomes a dog or any other animal by using these filters. I don’t understand why people do this. What’s the point in doing this on our photos? Are they doing this to have fun? Or are they doing these to hide their true face to the public because they are insecure about their physical appearance?

Don't get me wrong on this one, I love these filters I even use it to improve my photos on Instagram but sometimes we overdo it to attract more attention. In the comment sections of Facebook, we can read people posting negative comments all the time. Being positive is not cool anymore. I think that people hate all the time because of envy and insecurity. They are jealous of other people and they aren't happy with their lives.

Meanwhile, outside the internet world, we can see this mask in our daily lives, people follow trends to hide their insecurities. Most of them dress and act like they are rich but they are broke. Meanwhile, the rich and successful people don’t care about what they wear because they let their actions speak for itself. They aren’t looking for validity and acceptance.

Insecure people have zero confidence in themselves. Insecure people have no sense of responsibility and they can’t hold themselves accountable for their actions. People who wear the mask of insecurity are those who always play the “blame game.” And last, people who wear the mask of insecurity don’t know their purpose.

To get rid of the mask, we should:

Learn to accept the reality

Find our calling or purpose

Have self-awareness

To see through the mask of insecurity, we should learn how to observe people and be rational. Understand that actions speak louder than words.

By taking off the mask of insecurity, our perspective in life will change and we will be more in touch with reality.


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