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How Will Your Book Look Like?

Life is like a book.

Every year we celebrate birthdays which marks as a new chapter of our life. Life changing decisions are also considered as a new chapter.

We often forget that we have limited time. We distract ourselves with delusions and pleasure to make us happy. Unfortunately this method backfires and puts a hole in our life. When this happens, we keep searching for answers. We are looking for ways to cover this hole but we forget that the only way to fix this is to embrace reality not run away from it.

So how will your book look like?

Will you be proud when you let other people read it?

Will you be proud when the future generations read your story?

Have you done enough?

Did you live in your own terms?

Did you find your purpose?

Did you let other people dictate your life?

Did you do anything that can impact the future?

Life is like a book. However, when writing the book of Life, there’s no going back. We can’t edit, revise or start over in this book. We just keep moving forward.

The only way to make this book better is by altering our perspective and become a realist. Understand that whatever book we are writing this will be our Legacy.

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