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Life Without Social Media

We’ve heard the news and experienced the catastrophic internet event that happened yesterday. The social media group of Facebook shut down for hours, and people who are hooked into these apps have no idea what to do. Some of them used Twitter to share their own thoughts and opinions about this “shutdown.”

We can use this shutdown as a lesson and a reminder that we are so hooked into these apps. We waste so much time by scrolling up and down, comparing our lives, giving away our privacy and so on.

Don’t get me wrong on this one, these apps give us tons of opportunities.

Instagram is a great app to build our own brand. It is an excellent tool for marketing just like other apps like Facebook and Twitter. I even use these apps to share my blog posts and promote my other projects without it; I can’t expand my reach.

Without these apps, you might never read a single blog post of mine.

These apps have a lot of positive effects, and we can look at our society as proof. However, since we are so hooked into these apps, we forget what “life” is all about.

We don’t experience “life” anymore. A lot of people don’t know how to be still and present. There are less meaningful conversations happening right now. People no longer appreciate the beauty of nature and life even though life isn’t going the way we want it to be.

We forget that life is up and down. A life without stress or problems is a silly idea. People always look down on their phones, and they don’t know how to look up.

This shutdown should remind us that we should balance our use of social media.

Our time is limited. We should know how to prioritize things.

Social media is an excellent example of distraction and noise that prevents us from accomplishing our tasks. Learn to balance the use of social media.

We have 7 days a week, within those days we can do our version of “shutdown.”

Understand that our world is built on destruction and noise. Don’t let these apps take control of your life.

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